Group Volunteer Opportunities

A group is considered to be 5 or more. 


Beautification Projects- Much Needed 

  • Brighten our walk-up with some pressure washing
  • Clean our 3 decks
  • Paint a hallway in need of TLC
  • Organization of offices
  • Wash the walls in common areas
  • Simple carpentry projects 


  • Throw a birthday party, holiday event, movie night, or fun event for our youth or adults.
    • For Children:  Wednesday & Friday / 6:30PM-8:00PM
    • For Adults: Schedule Varies


Game Days

  • Brings some games and your energy to host a game day for our adults during the afternoon or evening.
    • Board games, Bingo, etc. 


Organize & Restock

  • Our closets and shelves get a lot of use and quickly need reorganizing. Make the shelter look like home and help us keep it organized. 


Bulletin Boards- Seasonal 

  • Get creative to design and decorate our bulletin boards. The boards are used to share information and events but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful to look at. Spread some light and color around the shelter.



  • Learn more here.


  • Join us behind the scenes at one of our events to ensure it runs smoothly by manning registration, setting up and breaking down, taking photos, or jumping in where needed.